Drakes Brakes

Get Your Brakes from the Best.

If your are a resident of Sterling, VA and you know it’s time to get your car serviced, then take a trip to Drake’s Brakes. We have an unbeatable plan for high quality ceramic and semi metallic brake pads. Our service starts at a low $129.00 not including axle, taxes, equipment, and service. Unlike our competitors, we offer a steady price with quality materials and less wait time for a return. This means that you get better quality service, at half the time and a guaranteed affordable rate.

Safety Guaranteed

Our brake services place your safety at the forefront of every service and repair. We take every step to ensure your car is in the best condition before you return to the road. At Drake’s Brakes, we treat our customers like family and we look after your car so that it is running its best. No matter the situation we can use our high tech equipment to give you a dependable car brake repair that will always place your mind at ease and have your car in the best condition.

Only High Quality Services

It is a common practice among repair shops to offer a great deal while producing low quality brake repairs. At Drake’s Brakes we don’t care so much for fancy gimmicks, we just offer a basic rate for professional honest work. If you want quality workmanship from a reliable brake specialist you have come to the right place.

Bring your car to Drake’s Brakes today! We guarantee great service.