Drakes Brakes

Providing Car Brake Repair in Ashburn, VA

If you are a resident of Ashburn, VA and you would like to go to a place where brakes service is done professionally and responsibly, please come to Drakes Brakes. At Drakes Brakes, we take car brake repair seriously. We strongly believe that as long as your have professionally installed brakes, you will be safe from anything on the road. This is why we offer the best in ceramic and semi metallic bakes, unlike our competition offering only fabric pads. We have the technology and the highest level of equipment to not only provide you a guaranteed brake repair job, but also faster service overall.

Why go anywhere else when you can go to Drake’s Brakes?

We know that with the economy as bad as it is, we are always looking for deals. However we want you to realize with a great deal, there is sometimes a great price to pay. Most of our competitors will offer you fairly low rates and coupons on brakes and other services. In fact some will allow you to combine coupons to receive more services while giving you the appeal of major savings. Beware of these marketing tools as If you are not careful you will find that you have paid for items that were not meant for your car and now your vehicle might need special modifications to support these additions. What was once $100.00 will now somehow turn into $300.00.

We Keep it Simple and Honest

At Drakes Brakes we provide the service you asked for at a low starting point of $129.00. We are proud to provide the most affordable service by offering only fair and honest prices. We are always focused on offering quality service and with Drakes Brakes, we promise to show exactly what high quality means to us.