About Drake’s Brakes of Sterling, VA

Drake’s Brakes is a new business with an old concept. Good quality at a fair price. We decided there would be more happy customers and safer roads for us to drive on if everyone could afford good brakes.

The Drake’s Brakes Advantage

Our state of the art brake equipment allows us to do a brake job in half time it takes a normal shop. We also have a deal with our vendors to get the best price on a good quality new ceramic or semi metallic brake pads. We believe in doing a good, honest and fair priced job. We won’t cut corners when it comes to your safety.

We will measure your rotors before turning them on the resurfacing machine. If your rotors are not within factory safety specifications we are legally bound to not turn them. In this case we will not be able to do your brake job and return the car to you no charge and no brakes. If your rotors are not within specification and you choose to have us replace your rotors, we guarantee you the best price in town on the parts and there will be no additional charge for labor to install them, just the charge for the rotors, since it takes about the same amount of time to install new ones as it does to resurface the old ones. We recycle and would much rather resurface your existing rotors than have them go to the dump.

FYI, we do work on drum brakes but they do not fall within the $159 brake special (call for drum brake pricing). Also, there are some cars, mainly exotic and some European models, that will require additional or more expensive parts and won’t fall into the $159 special category. We will let you know in advance if this is the case. Most upgraded pads are only an additional $25.

If you’d like a specific type or quality level of brake pad or rotor just let us know. We can go from basic organic pads to full race pads and slotted or vented rotors.

We offer a limited lifetime warranty that covers manufactures defects on pads, and 12 month warranty on labor.