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No kidding, no gimmicks, just a plain good old fashioned fair deal. Are you in need of car brake repair in Sterling, Ashburn or the surrounding area? We will give you an honest high quality complete brake job. We will replace your front or rear brake pads with a quality ceramic or semi metallic pad. We will turn your front or rear rotors, clean your caliper slides and lube with high temperature grease, and check your brake system for proper operation. Our price is $159 per axle plus shop supplies and tax for this service. With our state of the art equipment we will machine match each rotor to the wheel hub eliminating lateral runout and the dreaded steering wheel shake when you hit the brakes.

Beware of Bait & Switch Offers From Unscrupulous Repairmen

bait and switch repairmen

Many other auto repair shops in our area of Sterling and Ashburn, VA are offering a bait and switch coupon. This is a very common practice in this economy. Some may say a fixed price for brakes. What this means is just organic pads. This is what we call in the industry a “pad slap”. Meaning they just remove the caliper and slap a new set of pads on and there you go. When you get there they will tell you that you need upgraded pads and that is extra, your rotors need to be turned and that is extra. The truth is only about 10% of all cars on the road today take organic pads and of those almost all are on the rear only. The price of maybe $99 or $109 for your brake job magically becomes $300. The truth about brakes is that something needs to be done to the rotor when you replace the pads. The rotors get glazed and this smooth slippery surface causes your new brake pads to get glazed also causing them to squeal, make extra brake dust and increase stopping distance. Good brakes are a must as we all know from driving in the Sterling, Ashburn and all of Northern Virginia areas.

The Drake’s Brakes Advantage: Great Brake Service at a Great price

Our state of the art brake equipment allows us to do a brake job in half time it takes a normal shop. We also have a deal with our vendors to get the best price on a good quality new ceramic or semi metallic brake pads. We believe in doing a good, honest and fair priced job. We won’t cut corners when it comes to your safety. READ MORE